Cloud Migration Saves Money for Cable Manufacturer


East African Cables is a premier cable manufacturer, with a footprint that spreads across East and Central Africa. The company has four manufacturing facilities; two in Nairobi, Kenya, one in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and one in Eastern DRC. In addition, East African Cables is present in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, through a distribution network. East African Cables manufactures an extensive range of cables for applications in domestic and Industrial lighting, as well as transmission and distribution of electricity.


As Group Finance Manager, Joseph Kinyua’s task was to reduce cost and still get value for money.

“We noted that our technology costs were quite high. We were looking for means and ways of reducing these costs whilst at the same time enhancing the platforms in place to provide greater value without compromising our operations across East Africa.”

East African Cables has operation spread around East and Central Africa, so it was important that the technology in place would centralize and allow for visibility across the entire group operations. It was clear that leveraging on the cloud to enhance service provision was the solution.

“East African Cables is a large Pan African organization. In order to centralize all the different markets, what better way to do it than having one place centralized cloud platform to run all core operations? And it will be a consistent learning approach.”


Simplify IT realized early on that East African Cables is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They didn’t just want a foundation to their centralized operations, they also wanted to train their staff to be up-to-date and current on their knowledge and skills, so they could serve their customers better.

“I had the greatest degree of confidence in Simplify IT, both in terms of delivery of service and transition from on-premise operations to the cloud, which we could apply across all of our markets,” stated Mr. Kinyua.

To get East African Cables started, Simplify IT began by auditing and evaluating cloud readiness for the entire environment. A project plan was drawn and ratified by management and the cloud environment agreed upon. The platform was designed and launched that would facilitate the transition. The on-premise environment would be transitioned to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 business.


The Simplify IT team then worked with East African Cables to design a work-plan that would facilitate the migration with the least interruption and highest success results. Training was incorporated into the work-plan.

The launch was also successfully supported using a range of creative training, driven through internal campaigns, that helped generate awareness and enthusiasm for the new infrastructure. Today, Simplify IT continues to work with East African Cables to support their infrastructure, and help the company realize their full digital potential.

“This process allowed us to transition digitally. It enhanced our security operations and facilitated a culture of access anywhere anytime. We no longer buy server hardware and expensive end user software. The solution deployed slashed our annual IT budget by half.” concluded Mr. Kinyua.

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