Why SimplifyIT Cloud Backup?

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Ever came across the term Cloud Backup? Cloud is a term used to refer to hosted services that are delivered over the internet. Services on cloud are sold on demand and in an elastic manner where the Customer can use as little or as much service as needed. Cloud can either be private or public. Public cloud sells services to anyone on the internet while Private Cloud supplies hosted services to a limited number of users.

Why Cloud Backup compared to other forms of Backup?

  • AFFORDABILITY It is cheaper to back up data using cloud back up compared to an in house backup operation. The cost will only rise as the volume of the backup data rises.

  • SCALABILITY As the company’s data keeps on growing, the cloud can be scalable to suit the company needs.

  • SECURITY Backup data is encrypted before transmission from the customer's site to the cloud backup service, and remains encrypted on the service's storage systems making it more secure against Ransomware.

  • ACCESSIBILITY Backed up data on the cloud is accessible from anywhere at any given time.

  • LOW RISK OF FAILURE Cloud backup help lower the risk of common data backup failures caused by improper storage, physical media damage or accidental overwrites.

  • VENDOR ACCOUNTABILITY The service provider is responsible for any management task hence transferring any risk involved from the Company to the service provider.

Cloud Black up is highly recommended for its affordable,convenient and secure state compared to other forms of backup. It is recommended for both small and large companies due to its scalability nature. Can't afford to lose your data? Get a permanent solution by engaging one of the best rated cloud based companies in Africa. Reach us - sales@simplify.co.ke or +254 20 4076000

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