Your All-In-One Remote Application Delivery Solution

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Your organizations team members can access their work applications from anywhere and everywhere and still maintain security and convenience.

  • Are you struggling with old infrastructure?

  • Are you struggling to expand existing datacenter?

  • Are you looking for faster Infrastructure deployment?

  • Are you in need of worldwide coverage?

  • Are you looking for Failover and Cost Effective Disaster Recovery?

Parallels Remote Application Server is an all in one remote application remote delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure. This will seamlessly deliver apps, desktops and data while increasing security and reducing total cost of ownership with significant cost savings.

Why Parallels Remote Application Server (Parallels RAS):

Cloud Ready

Parallels RAS in the cloud offers employees and business partners faster, scalable, and reliable access to corporate applications virtually anywhere. Choose from on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Pervasive Security

Deploying Parallels RAS reduces the risk of data loss and malicious activity by preventing access to applications and data based on location, device and configurable Client Policies. In addition, Parallels RAS supports FIPS 140-2 encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allowing organizations to adhere to data compliance policies.

Technology Agility

Parallels RAS supports on-premise, hybrid and cloud deployments, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Enable your infrastructure to be more agile with a flexible architecture that supports Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on Windows Server (2003 R2, 2008, 2012 & 2016) and VDI with Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi, Nutanix Acropolis (AHV), and KVM.

Application and Desktop Delivery

Deliver applications and desktops using RDS, VDI, and Remote PC. Instantly access published resources from any device without additional installations needed.

Containerized Applications

Eliminate compatibility issues between different Operating Systems and streamline application provisioning by integrating with various containerization technologies like TURBO.NET and Microsoft APP-V.

With Parallels Remote Application Server, employees can continue working on active applications and desktops irrespective of their location or network. To learn more on how Parallels Remote Application Server can enable your workforce to still be productive at this time, contact us on or call us on +254 20 4076000.

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