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GravityZone Elite

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection. Evolved

Enhanced with Human Risk Analytics

GravityZone Elite provides comprehensive protection against a broad range of sophisticated cyber threats. GravityZone's multiple layers of defense, powered by machine learning, consistently outperform conventional endpoint security, as independent tests demonstrate. GravityZone Elite is a single-agent, single-console solution for protecting physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email. It integrates the human element into your security ecosystem, reducing management overhead while providing ubiquitous visibility and control.

Human Risk Analytics

Bitdefender has extended GravityZone with the capability to analyze user actions in order to identify those behaviors that pose a security risk.

Full Spectrum Cyber Defense

GravityZone Elite safeguards your organization from the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats. See for yourself!


Network Traffic Analytics: Real-time breach detection. Autonomous Response. Complete visibility

Combat Advanced Threats

With Network Traffic Analytics, you can see threats in real time and thwart them before the damage occurs.

Real-time breach detection. Autonomous Response. Complete visibility

Real-time threats visibility and effective incident investigation

Network Traffic Security Analytics

Get 360 degrees of threat visibility and increase your cyber resilience with Bitdefender GravityZone and Network Traffic Security Analytics.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Advanced threat detection, focused investigation and effective response

What is EDR?

EDR security, endpoint detection and response, is a technology that continually monitors your network for cyber threats and helps you fight-off attacks.

Cyber-criminals are growing ever more sophisticated and today’s advanced attacks are increasingly difficult to detect. Using techniques that individually look like routine behavior, an attacker may access your infrastructure and remain undetected for months, significantly increasing the risk of a costly data breach.

For organizations whose existing endpoint security doesn’t provide the advanced attack visibility and response required - adding effective Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a quick and easy way to strengthen your security operations.

Bitdefender EDR security monitors your network to uncover suspicious activity early and provides the tools to enable you to fight-off cyber-attacks. EDR’s threat visualizations focus your investigations and maximize your ability to respond directly.


How it Works

Benefits of Bitdefender EDR security?

Industry-leading detection

  • Bitdefender EDR integrates our industry-leading machine-learning, cloud-scanning and sandbox analyzer to detect activity that evades traditional endpoint prevention mechanisms.

  • Full visibility on the techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) being used to attack your systems.

  • Comprehensive search capabilities for specific indicators of compromise (IoCs), MITRE ATT&CK techniques and other artifacts to discover early stage attacks.

Focused investigation and response

  • Easy-to-follow built-in response workflows enable you to respond efficiently, limit lateral spread and stop ongoing attacks.

  • Threat visualizations focus your investigations, help you understand complex detections, identify the root cause of attacks and maximize your ability to respond directly.

  • Automated alert prioritization with one-click resolution capabilities.

Maximum Efficiency

  • Easy-to-deploy, low overhead agent with cloud-delivered management.

  • Unique human and endpoint risk analytics supply actionable advice to improve your security posture and reduce risk.

  • Flexible, scalable and upgradeable to the full Bitdefender endpoint protection platform and to managed detection and response (MDR).

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  • Can Managed IT reduce my operational costs?
    It varies from organization to organization. But yes, the performance of your IT assets declines as time passes. An ageing infrastructure can leave you vulnerable to a data breach, data loss and cyberattacks. When you choose a managed IT infrastructure service or cloud hosting, your IT environment is maintained and updated regularly for optimal performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • What value will managed services bring to my business?
    We aim to bring in technical value to your business in the simplest way. We’ll work with to understand the nuances of advanced technology and explain the specifics of each recommendation we present.
  • Will hiring an MSP be a threat to my internal IT team?
    We won’t be a threat, rather we’ll be an extension of your current team. We help you fill in the gaps with our expertise and industry experience.
  • Who is responsible of my IT systems?
    The IT environment involves many moving parts—storage, network, backups, security, visualization and more. When you utilize an MSP, you have access to experts such as network engineer, cloud manager, communication technicians and cybersecurity professionals. You nurture relationships with experts that builds and develops your system with an added layer of comfort making sure that you don’t waste your IT investments.
  • How do you monitor IT infrastructure conditions? Is it something we can see?
    Yes. We have a customized graphic dashboard that reports on all aspects of infrastructure and is provided to all customers subscribing to this service. Our data-driven approach to reporting enables you to see a summary of your IT infrastructure performance at any given time.
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