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Enterprise grade Cyber Security
solutions designed for small
to medium sized organizations.

Cyber Threats


In the face of growing cyber threats, all organizations need an ongoing cybersecurity program. One-time cybersecurity projects like installing anti-virus software or setting up firewalls are important, but they only protect one piece of the puzzle. A robust cybersecurity program that can protect your business from ongoing threats should answer three central questions:

  1. How secure is our business today?

  2. What is the appropriate level of cybersecurity for our business?

  3. How can we improve cybersecurity practices to meet business objectives?

According to a Cisco Cybersecurity report, 31% of organizations have at some point have encountered cyber-attacks on their operations technology. The most common security threats faced by small and medium sized organizations include:

  • Phishing/Social Engineering Attacks

  • Data Breaches

  • Ransomware

  • Shadow IT

  • Single Factor Passwords

  • Insider Threats

  • IoT Attacks

In the past Cyber Security was always thought to be part of IT. Today that mindset has changed. Cyber Security is a part of business, and until all organizations start thinking of it from that perspective, they are at risk of a catastrophic security breach.

Every organization must ask these three questions:

  • What is your company doing about Cyber Security?

  • Are you aware of what is happening inside your technology ecosystem?

  • What would be the cost of a security breach to your organization?

  • The fact is that security is beyond securing the perimeter, and small to medium sized organizations are as much of a target as large corporations.

Cyber Theats

Our Approach


Our Managed Cybersecurity Solutions provide:

  • 24x7x365 intrusion detection monitoring and response by Simplify IT’s Security Operations Center (SOC) with human analysis.

  • In-depth assessment to identify and address potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

  • Security information and event management (SIEM) and behavioral analysis and monitoring to provide real-time alerts and response to incidents.

  • Asset discovery and management to identify and resolve potential compliance gaps.

  • Best-in-class phishing testing and comprehensive end-user cybersecurity training.

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  • Can Managed IT reduce my operational costs?
    It varies from organization to organization. But yes, the performance of your IT assets declines as time passes. An ageing infrastructure can leave you vulnerable to a data breach, data loss and cyberattacks. When you choose a managed IT infrastructure service or cloud hosting, your IT environment is maintained and updated regularly for optimal performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • What value will managed services bring to my business?
    We aim to bring in technical value to your business in the simplest way. We’ll work with to understand the nuances of advanced technology and explain the specifics of each recommendation we present.
  • Will hiring an MSP be a threat to my internal IT team?
    We won’t be a threat, rather we’ll be an extension of your current team. We help you fill in the gaps with our expertise and industry experience.
  • Who is responsible of my IT systems?
    The IT environment involves many moving parts—storage, network, backups, security, visualization and more. When you utilize an MSP, you have access to experts such as network engineer, cloud manager, communication technicians and cybersecurity professionals. You nurture relationships with experts that builds and develops your system with an added layer of comfort making sure that you don’t waste your IT investments.
  • How do you monitor IT infrastructure conditions? Is it something we can see?
    Yes. We have a customized graphic dashboard that reports on all aspects of infrastructure and is provided to all customers subscribing to this service. Our data-driven approach to reporting enables you to see a summary of your IT infrastructure performance at any given time.

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