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Are You Thinking of Switching IT Providers?

Partner with a Managed IT Provider
who understands you

When it comes to switching IT Support Providers, there are many factors to consider, and for many, the process can seem overwhelming. However, this does not have to be the case. There are many reasons why companies change IT Support providers; many are dissatisfied with the service levels they currently receive. Others seek a more proactive solution or cost savings when comparing Outsourced IT to an in-house IT department.


Evaluate the main reasons why you think you need to change

Poor service from your partner and consistent failure in meeting their SLAs is an obvious reason. A belief that you are not getting value for money is another.

The main reasons organisations are unhappy with their current provider are:

  • Price

  • Service/technology requirements

  • SLAs not being met

  • No 24/7 support

  • Outsourcing provider is too big or too small

  • Inadequate innovation/productivity

  • Inability to solve any additional business issues


What are the benefits of switching IT Support providers?

Comparing the Managed Service Provider industry ensures that you choose the right IT Support Provider to satisfy the increasingly the business requirements. Simplify IT acknowledges that when it comes to IT Support, time is of the essence, which is why we have an estimated call answer time of 1 minute to prevent needless delays and disturbance. Our success indicators, highly competitive strategy, and positive customer feedback set us apart from the competition.

We have a high-performing Service Desk and strategic departments that focus on Collaboration, Infrastructure, Business Continuity, IT Consultancy, Cloud Adoption, Cyber Security, and Managed IT Support.


How easy is it to switch IT Support providers?

Changing IT Support services used to make most companies nervous. With your own customers to keep satisfied, the last thing you need when switching to a new IT Support service is business downtime and chaos surrounding your IT network and data. Many companies have switched to Simplify IT from other Managed Service Providers, allowing us to create a streamlined conversion mechanism that makes use of the Cloud and a dedicated project management team. We also have a streamlined end-user onboarding mechanism that makes converting IT Support providers a breeze.

Our simple on-boarding process

We understand that entrusting all or a portion of your IT operations to a third party is a significant decision, and that a smooth transition is critical to the ongoing partnership's success. You are in good hands with Simplify IT. Years of experience have been used to develop our tried-and-true methodology.

We will transition all or part of your IT service from you or your current supplier to us smoothly, efficiently, and on time by following the five simple steps outlined below.

Step 1
Project Inception

We assign a dedicated transition manager, create a transition strategy, and agree on the transition success criteria and approach.

Step 2
Transfer of Knowledge

Existing suppliers and internal teams' information is captured and shared. We define each party's position and responsibilities in the process.

Step 3
Resources & Tools

We keep track of information about the managed service agreement, implementation, and configuration of software and services.

Step 4
Transitional Support

In a staggered approach, we assume responsibility for services from the existing provider or customer in order to minimize any possible effect on business as normal.

Step 5

We contractually take responsibility for the delivery of all in-scope services after the "business commencement date."

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Have you got Efficient IT Support Services?

Our interactive, digital tool can rank capabilities such as performance, capacity, business alignment, and innovation to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IT Support Services.

Based on your score, you will receive a tailored assessment with recommendations on how to improve your IT Support Services performance.

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