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To keep up with the rate of innovation, a break-fix approach isn't feasible. IT must take a proactive approach. To keep up with the rising demands in a digital world, business systems must be automated.

Companies no longer have to worry about data loss, IT process implementation, or business continuity when they use Managed IT services. These problems are handled by IT professionals to keep businesses running. Managed IT solutions allow SMEs to compete on an equal footing with larger companies without overexerting themselves.

Our Managed IT Support Service offering

Our service is built around these interdependent delivery areas:

Server and workstation monitoring and optimisation

We are there to manage and maintain the health of your IT infrastructure.

IT Support

From troubleshooting to dealing with advanced issues, you have unlimited access to our 24/7 helpdesk.

Business Continuity

Guarantee your data is fully restored in case of a disaster or incident. We back it up, ensuring no single source of failure.

IT Planning & Strategy

We partner with you to create a comprehensive plan to optimize your IT platform to meet the needs of your business—now and into the future.

Security & Compliance

Our cybersecurity solutions provide the holistic, real-time threat intelligence and protection, needed to safeguard your platforms and data, while ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Virtual CIO

Your dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) works with you to understand your business and develop a technology plan that aligns with your goals.

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What Can I Expect

Improved Productivity

Workstations 50% Faster

Downtime reduced by 85%

Reduced Risk & Cost

Stretch the life of your IT assets

Better cost savings and power consumption

Better Reliability

Automated security and compliance

Maximised uptimes

Our simple on-boarding process

We understand that entrusting all or a portion of your IT operations to a third party is a significant decision, and that a smooth transition is critical to the ongoing partnership's success. You are in good hands with Simplify IT. Years of experience have been used to develop our tried-and-true methodology.

We will transition all or part of your IT service from you or your current supplier to us smoothly, efficiently, and on time by following the five simple steps outlined below.

Step 1
Project Inception

We assign a dedicated transition manager, create a transition strategy, and agree on the transition success criteria and approach.

Step 2
Transfer of Knowledge

Existing suppliers and internal teams' information is captured and shared. We define each party's position and responsibilities in the process.

Step 3
Resources & Tools

We keep track of information about the managed service agreement, implementation, and configuration of software and services.

Step 4
Transitional Support

In a staggered approach, we assume responsibility for services from the existing provider or customer in order to minimize any possible effect on business as normal.

Step 5

We contractually take responsibility for the delivery of all in-scope services after the "business commencement date."

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