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Limitless, next-generation cloud services. Helping organisations to mordenise and transform.

Azure - delivering endless opportunities


Microsoft Azure is a constantly evolving set of cloud services and platform on which forward-thinking businesses can build and deploy tools and applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Security and privacy features are built-in, and Microsoft provides industry-leading regulatory and compliance functionality, while Azure enables the development of virtually limitless scalable compute, storage, and networking services.

By migrating to Microsoft's Enterprise-grade Public Cloud platform, you can replace legacy on-premises infrastructure and costly bespoke Cloud environments.

Simplify IT Azure Identity & Access Management

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's central authentication platform for delivering security, identity, and access management across device and infrastructure for cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications. Businesses can use Azure AD to manage user identities and create intelligence-based access policies.

The Azure Identity & Access Management service from Simplify IT provides directory synchronization between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, enhanced security (including multi-factor authentication implementation), and third-party application integration.

Simplify IT's Disaster Recovery Service

A disaster recovery strategy defines the steps required for a business to be up and running again after a critical incident, with IT recovery being a critical component.

Disaster recovery strategies will be as unique as the business itself, and because of the agility and flexibility that the cloud provides, an increasing number of businesses are turning to the cloud to meet these needs. We assist businesses in planning and implementing disaster recovery solutions, as well as providing regular quarterly or annual tests to ensure that businesses can continue to operate in the event of a critical incident, through our Simplify IT's Disaster Recovery Service.

Simplify IT Infrastructure Modernisation

Simplify IT's Infrastructure Modernisation service was created to help businesses address IT infrastructure challenges while also meeting business growth and transformation goals by moving to the cloud.

Businesses benefit from increased agility, improved security, and lower costs when migrating a single on-premises server, a small communications room, or a full-fledged data center.

What we focus on


We are with you every step of the way

Plan Your Cloud

We help you strategize, preparing your enterprise for the impacts of cloud transformation.

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Build Your Cloud

We design and build highly efficient, secure and scalable enterprise cloud environments.

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Manage Your Cloud

We put you in control of your enterprise cloud, helping you optimize cost and performance.

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Modernize Your Cloud

We help you harness the power of your data and build innovative, cloud native applications.

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  • Can Managed IT reduce my operational costs?
    It varies from organization to organization. But yes, the performance of your IT assets declines as time passes. An ageing infrastructure can leave you vulnerable to a data breach, data loss and cyberattacks. When you choose a managed IT infrastructure service or cloud hosting, your IT environment is maintained and updated regularly for optimal performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • What value will managed services bring to my business?
    We aim to bring in technical value to your business in the simplest way. We’ll work with to understand the nuances of advanced technology and explain the specifics of each recommendation we present.
  • Will hiring an MSP be a threat to my internal IT team?
    We won’t be a threat, rather we’ll be an extension of your current team. We help you fill in the gaps with our expertise and industry experience.
  • Who is responsible of my IT systems?
    The IT environment involves many moving parts—storage, network, backups, security, visualization and more. When you utilize an MSP, you have access to experts such as network engineer, cloud manager, communication technicians and cybersecurity professionals. You nurture relationships with experts that builds and develops your system with an added layer of comfort making sure that you don’t waste your IT investments.
  • How do you monitor IT infrastructure conditions? Is it something we can see?
    Yes. We have a customized graphic dashboard that reports on all aspects of infrastructure and is provided to all customers subscribing to this service. Our data-driven approach to reporting enables you to see a summary of your IT infrastructure performance at any given time.
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