Remote Application Server

A streamlined remote working solution that provides secure access to virtual desktops and applications.

Remote Working

Allow employees to switch between devices and locations, increasing productivity and satisfaction. Parallels RAS provides access to virtual applications and desktops from any location at any time.

Enhanced Data Security

Data protection is critical for organizations because any loss can result in huge costs. Parallels RAS improves security by centralizing and managing data access.  


IT Agility

Improve the agility of your IT infrastructure to respond to business demands in real time. Parallels RAS offers centralized management for multi-cloud deployments and Windows Virtual Desktop, allowing for on-demand scaling.

Common Use Cases for Parallels RAS

Enhance Microsoft RDS with Parallels RAS

Take the complexity out of Microsoft RDS deployment and quickly set up your environment in a few clicks. The Parallels RAS Console, an advanced centralized management tool, streamlines the deployment process by automating the installation and configuration process.

Which cloud deployment fits your organizational needs?

Parallels RAS offers flexible cloud deployment models, enabling organizations to use different technologies in multiple scenarios, including integration with Windows Virtual Desktop. Organizations can leverage a flexible infrastructure, mixing and matching RDSH, VDI, hypervisors, hyperconverged systems, and hybrid and public clouds, to help meet business requirements.

A straightforward, remote working solution

Increase employee satisfaction and well-being by providing flexible workspaces accessed from anywhere, at any time. With its intuitive user experience, Parallels RAS makes remote working smooth and effortless across any device. Secure corporate data with a wide range of tools, helping organizations monitor their applications.

Thinking of a Citrix alternative?

Reduce complexity and cut costs by switching to Parallels RAS. Learn how Parallels RAS is easy to deploy, configure and manage. As an all-in-one VDI solution that incorporates enterprise range features, there is no need for third-party add-ons.

Boost the business mobility of your organization

Reduce complexity and cut costs by switching to Parallels RAS. Learn how Parallels RAS is easy to deploy, configure and manage. As an all-in-one VDI solution that incorporates enterprise range features, there is no need for third-party add-ons.

Parallels RAS is Flexible, Affordable, and Cloud-Ready


Parallels RAS is a cloud-ready VDI solution that supports on-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services™ and Microsoft Azure®. It offers an impressive mobile experience for iOS and Android™ by delivering Windows® applications as if they were native mobile applications.

Brilliant Mobile Experience
Provide users with instant and secure access to applications and data on any device. Allow Windows native apps to interact with iOS and Android touch gestures.

HTML5 Client
Applications, data, and desktops are accessible from any HTML5 browser without local Parallels clients installed.

Secure and Simple
Help replace paperwork with a simple and secure IT systems allowing  organizations to securely access data from any device and any location without compromising HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

Resource Based Load Balancing
Deliver user performance by effectively distributing end user traffic and workload across multiple gateways and RD session hosts.

Instant Continous Access
Parallels RAS components can be deployed in multi-active/passive or multi-active/active mode, and are load balanced, reducing the risk of downtime while providing a seamless end-user experience.

Universal Printing
Allow users to print documents and forms from devices of choice: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, or HTML5 browsers.

The most cost-effective solution for Application Virtualization & VDI.


Virtual application and desktop delivery can be complex and expensive—unless you are one of thousands of businesses that uses Parallels RAS to remotely deliver applications and desktops to their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Parallels Remote Application Server do?

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is an integrated solution to virtualize your applications, desktops and data. Parallels RAS publishes applications and delivers remote desktops and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to any device in your network, anywhere.

How do I upgrade to Parallels Remote Application Server 18?

  • Visit KB125162 to learn how to upgrade your Remote Application Server to version 18.
  • Read KB123571 to learn about the license upgrade.

Why do I need a business account?

You need a Parallels business account to manage your Parallels Remote Application Server license. Visit KB123620 to learn how to create a business account while activating or upgrading Parallels Remote Application Server. You can find all the information about registering and managing your Parallels Remote Application Server license in KB123516.

Requirements to implement Parallels RAS

  • Parallels Remote Application Server v18 Software Requirements – KB124910
  • Firewall Requirements – KB123255
  • High Availability Load Balancing - Hypervisor Prerequisites – KB123606
  • Client-side minimum requirements for Windows Virtual Desktop – KB125202

Parallels RAS Configuration

  • Parallels Remote Application Server Quick Start Guide: Installation – KB124219
  • Parallels Remote Application Server Quick Start Guide: Configuration – KB124220
  • How to Configure the HTML5 Gateway – KB123590
  • Google Authenticator Support – KB124692
  • How to configure Parallels Remote Application Server Client for better performance and confirm that RemoteFX is used in a session – KB123018
  • Setting Up Parallels Remote Application Server to work with Azure Identity Provider over SAML – KB124815
  • Setting up Parallels RAS Reporting – KB125164
  • HALB Appliance Installation and Configuration – KB123607
  • VDI: Managing Hyper-V and VMWare VDI Hosts – KB123599
  • VDI: Configuring Microsoft Azure Cloud VDI provider – KB124821
  • Understanding Parallels RAS Multi-Tenant Architecture – KB124806
  • Parallels RAS Multi-Tenant Infrastructure Installation and Configuration – KB124810
  • Unified Windows Virtual Desktop Integration – KB125069
  • FSLogix Profile Containers Integration – KB125070

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